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Philosophy and Mission

GTC, Inc. was developed in response to the continuing need for new and creative means to keep developmentally disabled adults living, working and recreating in the least restrictive and most integrative settings possible. This mission was developed as a result of the following statements:

We believe that all people are created equal and differences between us are only a matter of degree. 
We believe the individuals we support are entitled to experience the personal integrity and self-respect that comes from productive work and sense of accomplishment.
We believe that persons with disabilities are entitled to the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that they are in control of their own destinies. 
We believe that each person's individuality is a source of wonder and their abilities and talents should be developed to their fullest potential.

Be the Change You Want to See...

Be the Change

Our Community

We support over 70 individuals in 10 residences & multiple apartment settings. 


Proudly the the parent company of

Learning & Leisure Center (L&L) Where 50 + adults participate in day activities 
Artists' Exchange (AE) Offering 
community arts activities, classes and more 

Theatre 82 Hosting space and community theater with weekly events, plays and more

Gateways helps our supervisors to develop proactive, positive approaches with peers and direct support professionals, as well as with the individuals we serve.

(See What is Positive Behavior Supports
Some of the ideas discussed thus far have included:

22.  We’re All In This life, at work, on 1:1 basis
Have you noticed that when there is a crisis, people come together?
  > Remind yourself on a day-to-day basis that everyone has this positive potential inside
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses,
  > Focus on strengths /  Raise people up
We do operate well as a team:
All GTC employees have the common goal of improving the lives of our consumers
> Sometimes we disagree; sometimes it is challenging...
   but we need always to maintain a respect for others--
      at some level, they too have committed themselves to work here

Complaint Free Agency 

GTC continues an ambitious task begun years ago:
Challenging ourselves to use positive language in our professional and personal lives.

We have begun to use the Complaint Free World model-- purple wristbands are being distributed to individuals throughout the agency.  They are encouraged to monitor their conversations, and when they use negative language, they switch their bracelets to the other wrist.  The goal is to form a new habit of positive speech by completing 21 consecutive days without switching their wristbands.  
• Directors discuss their progress at their weekly meetings, and through e-mail.
• Members of Life in Action use their improv skills to demonstrate more positive interactions.
•  Stress Management Classes also focus on developing more positive speech, leading to more productive thoughts, and subsequently experiencing stressors in a less threatening way.



1060 Park Avenue

Cranston, RI 02910

Tel: 1(401)463-0000

Fax:  1(401)463-0010

Gateways to Change, Inc.

 Be the Change you want to see...

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